In the three weeks that we’ve been in Vermont we’ve experienced a slug of great late-summer weather – warm sunny days and (usually) cool, dry nights for sleeping.  We were pleased to find the Wrightsville Beach swimming area just ten minutes from our house.  However, when I happily reported this to my co-workers, the response has generally been, “oh, yeah, that’s nice.  We’ll have to introduce you to some other local swimming holes that are even nicer.”

Without exception, the manner in which this was delivered suggested that Wrightsville Beach isn’t really considered all that nice. Continue reading



One of the most appealing characteristics of Montpelier as a place to live is its access to outdoor recreation. We love to ski, and this city is within an hour’s drive of at least five large ski areas, along with many nordic ski centers. Being in the heart of the Green Mountain State, Montpelier is also close to a lot of great skiing. But also appealing is its proximity to beaches and swimming holes. For being a coastal town, Brunswick doesn’t have easy access to a lot of great swimming options (unless you like subjecting yourself to the frigid Atlantic Ocean), which always bummed us out.

Today was a lovely late-August day, with temperatures reaching into the 80’s. Doreen dropped by my office this afternoon as part of an errand and said she wanted to go swimming. So I did a little research and discovered Wrightsville Beach, just a few miles up the road in Middlesex.

With a ten-minute drive from our apartment, this beach certainly qualifies for easy access. There is also a lot of parking and a bunch of amenities, like kayak and canoe rentals. There’s even a disc golf course. It looks like a nice family destination. Continue reading