So what”s been going on?

It’s been pretty quiet on 2072802 recently, and my fan might be wondering just what the heck has been going on. It’s been busy times, actually:

  • At the end of March we made what turned out to be our final skiing trip of the year, to Jay Peak way up near the Canadian border. It was a great day and we loved the mountain. I have a half-baked recap in the oven that I will post once it’s complete.
  • I joined a senior baseball team, the Montpelier Monties, and played my first real baseball game in 40 years last weekend. We got crushed, and it was a blast. I’ll have more on that throughout the season.
  • We are looking for a house of our own. We’ve looked at a lot of houses already, none of which are quite right for us. I’ll have a full post and updates on that coming up, too.
  • In the “around town” category, just in time for the arrival of some seriously summery weather, I attended Montbeerlier last weekend, celebrating the birthday of the Three Penny Taproom. It was a regular block party, as Langdon Street was closed off, a bandstand was erected, and copious amounts of hard-to-find beers were served. I only attended for a couple of hours, but it was a fantastic kickoff to what I hope is a great summer of fun in Vermont.
  • I think I’m going to ditch the “EPISODE” naming protocol for the posts on this blog, starting today.

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