This morning I was paying the bills, one of which is the electric bill. Green Mountain Power helpfully (?) includes the average temperature for the most recent cycle on each bill. The average temperature for our last cycle, which was mostly the month of January, was 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

That sounded kind of cold to me, and in fact it was. The normal average January temperature for Montpelier is 16 degrees. And, as we learned in Episode 16, even that is four degrees colder than Brunswick’s average January temperature.

So we are adjusting, but sometimes having a difficult time doing so.

We’ve been lethargic, sleeping late on weekends, not wanting to do things during the evening. Friday night was the Montpelier Alive Art Walk. We weren’t up to walking around. Saturday morning was the Winter Farmer’s market. We stayed in and watched soccer games.

I said to Doreen, “I think our bodies are trying to hibernate.” And I’m not sure it’s not true.

That said, there has been a steady supply of fresh snow over the past few days, and the siren song of the ski trails was too great to resist. We headed back to Morse Farm late this morning for an hour or so of nordic skiing. We are feeling truly spoiled having this center only five minutes from home, meaning we can ski even when we don’t feel like driving too far.

And we were duly rewarded for our troubles. A couple of inches had fallen since the groomers ran this morning, but the trails were buttery soft. I fell once while standing and resting – I lost my balance a bit when shifting my weight and the ungroomed snow was too soft for catch my pole before I was too far tilted. Luckily, I landed in a pile of down. It was fantastic. We only spent a little over hour skiing before we had to head home for lunch, and we were asking ourselves why the heck we couldn’t have gotten out the door earlier. Hibernation is no way to go through the Vermont winter.

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