Aside from a great job opportunity, the biggest appeal to me of moving to Montpelier is the proximity to skiing. In Brunswick we were about one and a half hours from Mount Abram, which was the closest decent-sized downhill ski area. Here, I count at least eight within that drive, many much closer.

The closest of which is Bolton Valley, a short 35-minute drive from our front door. The mountain offered an early-season, $29 lift ticket special this week. We’re not usually “hit the slopes the day they open and ski on one trail” people, but the mountains received two feet of fresh snow during the week. The combination turned out to be too good to resist. So Saturday morning – later than we had expected (but who cares, it’s only a half-hour away!) – we packed up the Subaru and headed north for the short drive up I-89. Continue reading


EPISODE 12: White Thanksgiving

One challenge we face in moving to Vermont after living our entire lives in Maine is determining how much we should continue to orient ourselves “back home.” We have made just a couple of friends here while of course we have many friends and most of our family back in Maine. Furthermore, we are only about three hours from our families, which seems close enough to get home with little trouble but far enough to be a pain to do so. A day trip – six hours of driving – sounds pretty exhausting as I approach the end of my 40s.

And then there is weather. We are very used to driving in snow, but “taking it slow” takes on a different meaning for a three hour trip than it does for a thirty minute one. Our families understand that there are times when weather will impact our travel plans. Continue reading