On Friday Doreen and I returned to Maine to close on the sale of our house in Brunswick. On the way we stopped in Jay to close out the credit union account that Doreen opened when she was a child about 40 years ago. And just like that, over the course of three hours, we were completely divested of all of our assets in Maine.

So I guess we are Vermonters now.

As easy as it is to let go of our material assets, it will take much longer to move on from our emotional investments in Maine. Okay, that was a ridiculous way of stating that – we’ve both lived in Maine for our entire lives, of course we won’t move on from these emotional investments. Almost all of our family and friends are in Maine. The challenge is to not let that tug keep us from fully committing to our lives in Vermont.

Because the drive is so long, it made sense to us to combine business with pleasure while we were in Maine. This despite the fact that we moved less than two weeks ago and returned to visit with some of our dearest friends last weekend. So after the closing (and a celebratory Maine Wild Blueberry sorbet at The Gelato Fiasco) we headed to our friends Dave and Cathy’s house in Bath, and took them to a grander celebration at Solo Bistro. On Saturday we and Doreen’s brother and sister-in-law went to dinner with their father, who turns 82 next week. We stayed with her mother Saturday night, and then went to her other brother’s house today for a cookout. This wasn’t in the original plan, but the temptation to spend time with family while we were in the neighborhood was simply too great.

One thing that we will struggle with in the early going in Vermont is the fact that we don’t really have any emotional connections to the state. We have a few friends, but none with whom we have shared significant time and life experiences.  So the choice today between a few hours with family on the lake or a few hours in Montpelier was an easy one.  In the coming weeks we will start to connect more with my co-workers and with the friends and family of our friends in Maine who have graciously agreed to have a drink with us now that we are in town.  We will look to Meetup.com or Facebook to find others with whom we can share our interests.  And we will integrate ourselves into Vermont, and Vermont into our identity.

But this weekend was one more grasp at our anchors in Maine.  And I think that’s OK.  We have a great deal of love for the people and places there.


  1. Hey Joe,
    Denise and I will (eventually) keep a light on for y’all. The distance is not so close that you’re expected to be home every week… and not so far that visits have to be more than spur of the moment.

    Looking forward to more posts

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